Marilyn Media Group is the company which unites in itself model agency Marilyn Model Agency, model school Marilyn Model School and original showroom Alexandra Britan Showroom.

MMG works at the market of Ukraine since 2005. The purpose of the company is creation of the integrated system in which all departments complement one another.

MMG provides complex decisions for its clients on carrying out of advertising campaigns, brand-building, promotion of goods and services, and also on image management of companies and persons.

Three departments work on various projects, in each of which highly skilled professionals are involved. By harmonious team we carry out objectives and we create decisions which promote dynamic development of our clients, bringing to new level and opening for them new scales of activity.

In policy of business of each department MMG maintain high standards, relies on the best international experience, being guided by the current legislation, ethical principles and common sense.

Innovative approach in work, the team of professionals and faultless knowledge of the market allow MMG to remain one of the most successful companies in Ukraine.

  • 2005
  • 2007
  • 2013